My work is an investigation of the representation of the human form through ceramics and how the meaning and interpretation can be manipulated. My focus on the body derives from the connection of art history and medical science and my health issues while growing up. I seek to represent the chronic illnesses, unseen disabilities and medical experiences through a feminine view. This analysis of the body has become a coping mechanism and a way to advocate representation of chronic illness and disability in the arts. I use medical texts and objects for research; as well as blogs by individuals with invisible illnesses and their experience as informative sources of research.

This research contains an eccentricity that comments on sexuality through the exploration of a medium that is sometimes considered a craft. Femininity and craft seem to be linked to each other, and through my work I explore these ideas in relation to the body as a vessel with a medical historical context. While the female body tends to be considered more of a vessel than the male; the human body in general is a receptacle full of other containers for various materials, fluids, and experiences. The medical experience for women can be taken less seriously than that of men which can make correct diagnoses and treatment very difficult, even more so for someone with a chronic illness.

I am interested in representing the chronically ill and disabled form and how it is affected and influenced by its surroundings. I explore ideas of ableism, entropy, and the visceral response individuals have when confronted with a disabled, mutated, or exaggerated form. I want the viewer to experience amusement and discomfort.

My techniques include hand building and slip casting. I use different types of clay for different parts of the body. I combine ceramics with medical objects and Arduino micro programmers to create a sense of familiarity and to enhance the viewer’s experience. I enjoy creating settings that the viewer can immerse themselves into to gain a certain understanding of invisible illnesses.